Example cases from Bristol Remap

Below are shown some of the many types of cases we have completed for Bristol panel clients, to give a flavour of our work:-

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Wheelchair baby seat. The mother of a disabled child who uses a buggy was expecting a second child. Commercial double buggies weren’t suitable for the disabled child.

A robust wheelchair was obtained and a detachable frame anchored into the wheelchair armrest tubes. A carrycot from a baby’s pushchair could be quickly, but firmly, clipped and unclipped from the frame. To improve safety small wheels were fitted onto the footrests of the wheelchair and a seat belt was used to prevent the disabled child leaning forward too far. (see also below for another case)


Special archery stool

Our client has a number of conditions, which cause her problems with balance and fatigue. She has taken up archery, and is competing in events at university, where she is taking a Masters Degree, and elsewhere. Her problem is that she cannot stand for very long, and is suffering vertigo when shooting. A special stool was need which must be lightweight and small for transport. A “Flip stick” type of shooting stick was obtained and a special adaptor was 3D printed to accept two extra carbon fibre legs to form a stable platform.

Custom stool for archery

Custom stool for archery

Keyboard typing tool. The client has difficulty selecting the correct keys on his computer keyboard due to deformities in his hands.

A rubber tipped metal pointer was attached to a wooden body, which attaches to the client’s hand with Velcro straps. Picture3

iPad Wall Mount – The client  is unable to coordinate well. He needed a strong, stable mount for his iPad when sitting which could be folded away against a wall. A strong pivoting arm was constructed from commercial “handrail” type tubing and fittings with friction joints.6-13-06 ipad stand

Chair Raisers – We are often asked to raise furniture to help clients get in and out so REMAP have made these special ones to suit (among many).7-14-14 special chair raisers combo11-14-06 Special bed raisersDSCF6344Raiser2

Walker one handed brakes – The client has had a stroke leaving her with a weak left side. She needed her wheeled walking frame adjusted so that both brakes can be operated with her right hand.

The left hand cable leading to the wheel brake was re-routed, the right hand brake cable shortened and then both cables fitted into a brake splitter. We have since had several similar requests from other clients.

One-handed brake mod

One-handed brake mod

Skittles ball ramp – A skittles team for people with learning disabilities needed a ramp to help launch the ball.

A wooden ramp was made with 2 fold out arms, which prevent it toppling sideways. A step prevents the ball rolling backwards towards the player. The ramp is stable on its 3 rubber feet but can be moved to aim the ball.3-12-12 skittles ramp


Kitchen knife aid – The client has weak arthritic wrists and finds it difficult to hold a knife.

A kitchen knife was fixed into a shaped wooden block that can be held in a number of ways. A similar solution helped the client hold a pen.

Knife holding tool

Knife holding tool

Medication (tablet) dispenser – The client has severe Parkinsons disease and must take a number of tablets (some soluble) at intervals during the day and night which are administered by his wife. In particular the doses at 5am and 6am are very disruptive. The client can manage to get into his wheelchair unaided but has little manual dexterity. The device comprises a swinging arm on which are mounted two water containers, two straws, an electric stirrer and two tablet receptacles. The tablet dispenser was mounted so that from his wheelchair, having been woken by the alarm provided, the client can swing the dispenser arm towards him (activating the stirrer), take the tablets using only his mouth together with water from one of the straws. The stirrer ensures the dissolved tablet is well mixed.2-12-12 Pill Dispenser

Gas Fire Knob Turner – The client is unable to operate her gas fire ignition control unaided. A wall-mounted sliding mechanism was devised which did not entail altering the gas fire.2-14-07 gas fire ignition small

Snooker Hand Rest – The client is a keen snooker player but is unable to form a bridge with his hand to guide the cue. A rest was devised so that he is able to hold the cue steady.


Special Bed-to-Commode Transfer Board – A number of special transfer boards have been made – this is a typical one.


Cricket Bat Prosthetic Arm – The client, a young boy, is missing the lower part of his arm on one side and is unable grip the cricket bat properly. A prosthetic arm was devised which locates around the elbow joint and attaches to the cricket bat via a swivel joint. The length is adjustable.3-14-06 cricket arm2

Exercise Bike Modifications for Gym. – The client has had a stroke and needs to use exercise bicycles in the gym to aid recovery but has difficulty in locating his foot and hand on the equipment. Equipment was devised to position his hand and foot correctly whilst exercising.4-13-03 exercise bike sm

Ramps – Various special permanent and portable ramps have been constructed for clients to overcome difficulties with access.garden ramp & landing 2 6-13-01 ramp sm

Ramp 1

5-13-10 DSCF5259

Special TV Remote Control – The client was having difficulty operating her television controls which were found to be too small. A special control with large buttons was constructed.

TV remote controls

TV remote controls

Special Oxygen Cylinder Mount for Pushchair – The client’s parents needed to be able to have access to an oxygen cylinder whilst using a standard pushchair. 4-14-01 O2 cyl3 small

Walker Gutter supports – Special arm rest “gutters” were fitted to a Walker.

Walker gutter supports

Walker gutter supports

Pushchair electric drive unit – The client was only able to use one arm and found the pushchair very tiring after a short while. Remap was tasked to make an add-on electric drive unit. This was constructed using an electric golf trolley motor/gearbox and lithium battery. This was controlled from the handle with a pressure pad switch. Additional safety was incorporated in the form of a lanyard and plug, clipped to the user’s clothes which detaches and stops the motor when pulled. DSCF5978back1

Pushchair electric motor

Pushchair electric motor

 Transfer bench with toilet aperture – a special bench was made up with the non-standard toilet aperture to suit the client’s particular needs.


One-piece wheelchair footrest support modification.

The client has just received a new wheelchair but his daughter/ carer(Heather) believes this suffers from the same problem as his old chair, namely that the two independent ‘flip-up’ footrests which are made of lightweight plastic have a significant gap between them, and the client has a habit of getting his feet stuck in this central gap or over the front of the footrest. The client is 93 and has to be hoisted into the chair, apparently having little control over the placement of his feet.
As requested, the two existing footrests were removed and replaced by a purpose made ‘one-piece’ footrest which has no gap. In addition the new footrest has a removable restraint web across the front. The existing heel restraint webs from the old footrests were also transferred to the new footrest.
The new footrest is manufactured completely from aluminium and is also some 50mm wider than the old rests to give more ‘front to back’ support to the feet. It is secured by two thumb screws so it can be removed if required.

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 Special drawing table

The client uses a powered wheelchair. She has limited movement globally, in particular in the down direction but is able to use a pencil in her left hand for limited periods, for drawing. Remap were tasked to make a special drawing table which enabled her to see clearly her hand movements. A table was constructed, using a walker as a firm base. On to this was constructed a frame which held two mirrors which enabled her to see downwards without difficult head movements.


Pram Hand Brake

Our client was not able to operate a normal pram foot bar brake because of balance problems, so Remap modified the brake so it could be operated by hand from the handle bar. The pram could still however be folded for transport.




Walker stowage for recumbent trike

Our client wanted a method of carrying his walker when going out on his trike, to give him added independence. We devised this simple mounting bracket.

Vehicle ramp modifications

The client’s vehicle had been professionally modified to fit a ramp but she had difficulty in folding/unfolding the ramp when using her walker when it was necessary for her to stand in a dangerous position on the road. We fitted an additional rope “link” to alter the geometry so that no manual intervention was now necessary.

Adult stairgate

 We have done a few adult stairgates and this is an example of one for a dementia sufferer. It is key operated so the carer has control.

Balance aid

Remap was approached by an occupational therapist who had an idea to help a client balance. A prototype device was built which comprised pressure pads which could be fitted as shoe insoles. Pressure on various regions of the foot are converted to audio signals through a headset. The prototype is now being developed by others into a commercial device.

Wheelchair baby seat

 The wheelchair bound client has a small infant and wanted a way of carrying him in the front of his wheelchair. These brackets were designed to interface the baby seat to the wheel chair using existing leg hanger fittings and baby seat pushchair adaptors.

Giant Scrabble board

This giant wall-mounted Scrabble board was constructed for disabled clients with limited dexterity to enjoy. A magnetic sheet is stuck to the rear of the tiles so that they will stick to a metal board.The 100 tiles were 3D printed in PLA a non-toxic, long-term biodegradable material.The board comprises a 1520mm square, 20mm thick plywood board topped with a 1500mm square, 1mm thick Zintec steel sheet and a custom printed vinyl layer.

Special folding chair

This special chair was designed and made for a small boy so that he could visit his grandmother’s house which has limited space available.

3-wheeled scooter

The client is a 16 year old child with behavioural problems and a short attention span. The task was to modify a scooter by fitting an extra wheel and make it more robust. Most of the components were 3-D printed.

Electric “helping hand” grabber

The client, who is wheelchair-bound and has a weak grip, wanted an easier to use helping hand type device. Based on a previous Remap design, this rechargeable, electrically operated claw was made to suit his abilities. It was operated with a long-handled toggle switch and slight hand pressure.

Dining chair arm support

The client needs constant arm support at a certain height when seated. A dining chair was modified to accept a demountable, adjustable table.

Light weight portable half-step

The client was unable his legs easily to climb stairs. There are half-steps available but none (in this country) which are truly portable. We made this device from aluminium with a folding handle, weighing only 0.9 Kg.


Toilet access steps

The client, a young child, was unable to use a standard school toilet without some difficulty due to his small stature. We made some access steps which could be easily removed for other pupils. The solution opted for was to construct a short 2 step access 450 wide x 470 deep and each step is 125 high x 240 deep. The lower step is hinged along the rear edge to allow it to be lifted out of the way of the adult user; it has magnetic catches to hold the step in either position. On the right hand side a hand rail is mounted to assist the user to manoeuvre around the toilet bowl.
The steps are finished in acrylic paint on 3 coats of primer and undercoat. Each corner of the steps has non-slip feet, each step has been overlaid with non-slip bath strips to ensure user does not slip on the finish, wet or dry.

Special shower control adaptor

This allows the client to access the shower control from her shower chair and is easily removable for other users.

Profiling bed foot control adaptor

style=”list-style-type: none;”>Special cordless electronic boxes were constructed so that the client could operate her bed with her feet