Client Data Protection


In the course of working with our clients, it is necessary for Remap to store certain information which data protection legislation defines as “Personal Data”. This leaflet is intended to explain Remap’s Data Protection and Retention policy with respect to this data.
What we store
Our project records typically contain the following information:
• Client name, address and contact details (landline, mobile, email)
• Similar details for parents/guardians/carers and referring health professionals, where applicable
• The nature of the disability and/or the restrictions it places upon the client
• Approximate client age range, and their gender
• The nature of the Remap solution, how it was created, and any supporting notes and photographs
• Additional supporting information, such as the best time to visit, and whether a visit needs to be undertaken jointly with a healthcare professional
Our policy is to store the minimum data we need, to work effectively with our clients, and provide and document the Remap solution.
We may also store:
• Associated material and correspondence, such as letters of thanks
• Gift Aid declarations
Why we store it
The legal basis for Remap storing your information is known as Legitimate Interest – i.e. we must hold your data whilst we are providing our service to you, and also retain your data following the closure of the project, in the event there is any future enquiry arising from our work for you, such as running repairs or lost instructions. Because of the nature of Remap’s work, our retention policy for project records is set at 10 years. Beyond that point, we will still retain the details of the project for future reference, but your Personal Data will be deleted such that you are no longer identifiable.
How we store it
Your project record may be held in paper form in secure physical storage and/or in encrypted electronic form. We may also maintain your contact details in a separate list which is secured in a similar manner.
Who we share it with
The data in your project record will be treated as confidential and will only be shared amongst those individuals directly involved in the project. Remap never sells its client data to third parties.
How else we might use your data
Remap may wish to use your project details and photographs in case studies, presentations and marketing materials. If we do so, we will EITHER:
1. Ensure you are not identifiable, through such methods as:
a. Only including photographs and details of the problem and our solution
b. Blurring/pixilating your face if it is necessary to show you using the equipment
c. Taking photographs from an oblique angle such that your facial features are not fully visible
2. Discuss with you the possibility of using your photograph and story in full, and if you are happy to do so, recording and retaining your signed consent and any restrictions you may wish to impose (such as local use only, for example). That consent can be revoked at any time.
Remap also issue local or national newsletters regarding our work from time-to-time.
Who to talk to if you have any concerns over your data
In the first instance, please contact the local Remap group who undertook the project for you. If you are unable to resolve your concern, please contact Remap’s Data Controller:
TN15 6YU