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Meet the team – Bob West, treasurer (bristol.treasurer@remapgroups.org.uk), Sally Elvin, Case Officer (bristol.caseofficer@remapgroups.org.uk) for referrals, Ray Westcott, Secretary (bristol.secretary@remapgroups.org.uk) – Dave Richards, Chair (bristol.chair@remapgroups.org.uk).

About Remap Bristol

Remap Bristol is a local branch of a great national charity with over 80 branches nationwide.  Our small group of dedicated volunteers (currently about 30) helps those with disabilities to overcome everyday challenges. We do this by adapting existing equipment, or by making new equipment and gadgets where there are no suitable commercial alternatives.

Our volunteers are experienced Engineers, craftsmen, modellers, DIY enthusiasts or people good with their hands, with access to a wide variety of skills and expertise. Each piece of equipment is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of one individual. We usually (but not always) work with health professionals like Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists, to ensure that the equipment we provide meets the needs of each person. It is best for those we are helping to involve their health professional from an early stage. The service is provided free of charge

We have a monthly meeting to discuss our work and are quite a friendly lot! Our volunteers get a lot of satisfaction from helping people and solving some interesting problems!

How we work

First, one of our volunteers will meet the person with a disability, usually with their health professional, to discuss what is needed.They will then design and make a piece of equipment especially for that person.

Volunteers may need to make several visits, making fine adjustments to get the equipment exactly right. They will explain how it should be used to make sure it can be used safely.

The equipment is supplied free of charge. If there are any problems with it in future, it will be checked by our volunteers. Equipment no longer needed should be returned to the branch as it could be used to help others.

Although the Remap service is without charge, many people like to support our charity by making a voluntary donation or by letting others know how they have benefited.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q – Who can get help from Remap?
  • A – Anyone! People are often referred by a health professional like an Occupational Therapist but carers or individuals can contact Remap directly. It is important to involve health professional whenever possible to make sure the equipment is going to be suitable.


  • Q – How do I get help for myself or someone else?
  • A – You, your carer or health professional can contact us directly.


  • Q – How many people are helped by Remap?
  • A – Remap nationwide helps around 4000 people each year and here at Bristol around 100 each year. We have been doing this since 1964.


  • Q – Do you charge for your service?
  • A – No it is free to you but we welcome donations which go towards the cost of materials and volunteer’s travel costs.


  • Q – Do you need volunteers?
  • A – Yes, as well as people to help make the equipment. We also need volunteers to help with promotion and fundraising.


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