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Remap Bristol is a branch of Remap, a national charity that provides custom-made equipment for disabled people in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire areas.  Our 32 or so skilled volunteers provide innovative, practical solutions to everyday challenges encountered by disabled people.

Please take a look at some typical successful cases here we have completed in the past.


Special toilet access for disabled child

The client, a young child, was unable to use a standard school toilet without some difficulty due to his small stature. We made some access steps which could be easily removed for other pupils. The solution opted for was to construct a short 2 step access 450 wide x 470 deep and each step is 125 high x 240 deep. The lower step is hinged along the rear edge to allow it to be lifted out of the way of the adult user; it has magnetic catches to hold the step in either position. On the right hand side a hand rail is mounted to assist the user to manoeuvre around the toilet bowl.

The steps are finished in acrylic paint on 3 coats of primer and undercoat. Each corner of the steps has non-slip feet, each step has been overlaid with non-slip bath strips to ensure user does not slip on the finish, wet or dry.

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