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Remap Bristol is a branch of Remap, a national charity that provides custom-made equipment for disabled people in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire areas.  Our 30 or so skilled volunteers provide innovative, practical solutions to everyday challenges encountered by disabled people.

Please take a look at some typical successful cases here we have completed in the past.


Pram automatic brake modification

The client suffers from epilepsy and wanted a brake which was applied automatically if the pram handle was accidentally released. This modification was in addition to the normal pram brakes and locked the wheels in an emergency. A wrist strap was also provided so the pram was always attached to the user.

Improved footrest for special tricycle

The standard footrests supplied were not suitable for some disabled users and also not robust enough. New adjustable footrests were designed with revised plates and straps in non-corrosive materials.

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